Verify tickets with or without Internet

Web Verification

The Ticket Room web verification portal allows tickets to be verified from one or more laptop or desktop computers at the same time. Simply plug in a USB barcode scanner and away you go.

What’s more, plug two barcode scanners in and the portal turns into a twin terminal verification point, allowing two users to scan and verify tickets at the same time on the same computer.

Management app

Turn your smartphone and tablet into a powerful ticket scanner and verifier. With multiple devices able to operate in sync, each of your door staff can scan tickets at the same time to ensure your queue filters through swiftly and efficiently.

Our robust app can also operate with or without an Internet connection, catering for all events, even those in remote locations with little or no Internet coverage.

A powerful event system, empowering event organisers

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Queue allocation

Our advance ticketing system allows tickets to be automatically allocated to specific queues or gates during the sales process. This allows for better management of queues and the confident use of multiple verification points, even when scanning tickets without Internet access or a network.

For example, with a green queue and a red queue being verified at the same time, each with their own scanning terminals operating independently without Internet, there are no concerns over the same ticket being used at both queue terminals as only green tickets can go to the green queue and red tickets alike. Although a terminal is working offline, users will still be alerted if a ticket that has already been scanned on the same device is scanned again.

Bespoke features and solutions available

Ticket verifiers

Create verifier accounts for door entry staff who can verify tickets for your events using any of the methods available on our system.

With full control over each door staff account, on an individual basis you can control:

  • Specific events that an account can verify, if not all
  • Whether or not door staff can view the total number of tickets sold and the number of attendees inside the event
  • Switch verifier accounts between active and inactive to control when staff can access their accounts
  • Monitor door staff performance with entry statistics data per user account

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Verification statistics

Analyse verification data, both after and during your event, in real time, allowing strategic and operational decisions to be made based on clear, detailed and accurate data.

From deciding on staff allocation to implementing promotional incentives to encourage attendees to arrive at certain times, Ticket Room’s verification statistics are a powerful tool to improve the success of your events.

Real-time syncing

With online scanning available on all methods, multiple scanning points can be used to process attendees into your event as quickly as possible while protecting your revenue against fraudulent entries.

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