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Your event, your money.

Receive daily ticket sales.

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Ticket Room’s Direct Payments option allows you to receive daily ticket sales revenue, directly, as sales occur, with no need to wait until the event has finished to receive your money.

The next generation in online event ticketing


No one would ever know…

...It’s your event, your brand.

Custom Branding

Fully customise our ticketing system's pages to reflect your own brand and website.

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Embed tickets into your own website, allowing buyers to purchase tickets directly.

Direct URL

Set up, control and advertise your own easy-to-remember Ticket Room URL.

Public pages

Create custom-branded pages to promote your promoter brand, venue and performers.

Private events

Ensure tickets for private events can only be purchased by the intended audience.


Verify tickets with or without Internet

Management app

Verify tickets from your smartphone and tablet with our event manager app, with or without Internet, and set up multiple scanning points in seconds.

Ticket verifiers

Set up user accounts to allow your door staff to scan tickets using any one of our verification tools, with the ability for you to have full control over the data they see.

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Gate and queue allocation

Allocate ticket holders to certain queues or gates before they’ve arrived at your event for efficient entry management.

Web verification

Turn your computer into an efficient twin terminal verification point, with multiple computers able to operate in sync.

Bespoke features and solutions also available


Powerful tools, for effective marketing

Ticket Reps

Bring your promotions team online, with the ability to set up Ticket Reps to sell tickets for your events, and manage their commission settings.

Social media

Encouraging buyers to post about your event and ‘like’ your pages during the checkout process are just some of the social media tools we’ve strategically implemented.

Buyer marketing data

Collect customer contact data, enabling you to launch targeted marketing campaigns for future events.

Promotional codes

Set up and monitor buyer discounts and promotional codes.

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Ticket Room produces a variety of statistics to help manage events and drive future sales.



booking fee* on each

ticket sold

Booking fees payable by either the ticket buyer or event organiser.

Bespoke solutions and pricing plans available for events of 10,000 tickets or more.

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